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My Myrtle Beach Lesson

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach – one of my favorite family destinations. It’s been about three years since my last visit to these southern Atlantic waters. This time, however, I squeezed a few more family members into the trip – my parents, my wife’s mother, my neice and our four year old daughter, who experienced Myrtle Beach for the very first time.

Last year, my four year old visited VA Beach with me, my wife and two sisters and she’s been raving about the beach ever sense, so naturally, we asked her which beach she preferred and she said … “both”.

During this week’s stay, we had the wonderful pleasure of staying at the Myrtle beach villas in south Myrtle Beach. from flat screen TV’s in every room  to wifi access, tis was a great stay – special thank you to the Cox family for setting up such a wonferful place for vacationing large families. 

While on vacation, we got a chance to see a acrobat show, visit the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, go GoKart racing and of course plenty of

Go Kart Racing

 opportunity to head to the beach and pool. I’m sure I’ve amassed a tan at least two shades darker than I was when I left Baltimore; but what I also amassed was a deeper appreciation for “down time” and faimily.

I can’t believe how easy it is to work day to day and not take the time to kick back with a few loved ones and spend time just enjoying the days and evenings. While we don’t always see eye to eye back home, we can at least spend a week together and get to know each other a little more and really

Family Girls Taught Me a Lesson

 appreciate the uniqueness of us all.

This past week, I recall swimming in the condo pool and tossing my daughters and neice in the air – just as they like – when my nine-year-old daughter offered to take a dunk in place of my neice to “save” my neice from certain torture. Then, my 12 year old sacrificed herself for my nine year old and my neice for the 12 year old. It was a lesson that I soon began to appreciate.

Now its time to get back into the grind. As I understand it, I have a lot of work waiting for me, but guess what – I’m prepared. 


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