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Good friends, Good laughter, Good food!

January marks our calendar as the first month of the year. A time for new promise – new hope … perhaps new beginnings.  A good friend of mine has a birthday a little more than a week after mine.  Since we became adults, it’s been a tradition of ours to go out and celebrate our born days over a tasty meal.

What makes this occasion a real treat is not the $40-50 plate; not the shared birthday; not the location; nor the fact that we can get away from the kids for an evening (though that helps).  Simply hanging out with friends and exchanging laughter is amusement enough.

I know that hanging out with friends over dinner is nothing new. Many people do it more regularly than me I’m sure.  Consider this blog nothing more than a reminder.  This year, make the time to enjoy a meal with your close ones.  Do you have parents that haven’t been out in a while? A couple that you know is going through something?  A sibling or neighbor that could use a good laugh?  Invite them out to dinner and let the good times roll.

This year, no matter the economy, no matter how busy you are, take the initiative to find some good eats with good friends.  Oh, and There’s Always Room for Dessert. LOL.


Birthday Blog

Until about eight years old, I used to get confused about when my birthday began. I knew it was on the Jan. 2, but wasn’t sure when that day actually began. On New Year’s Eve, I would stay up way past my bed time to watch all of the party coverage in the “Big Apple”.  Sometimes I’d fall asleep right when the ball dropped. Other nights, I drift a few hours afterwards. On those occasions when I stayed up into the new day, eventually when I slept and woke up,  I had the feeling that Jan. 1, had passed by and Jan. 2 was now in full effect.

As an adult, I never was a big partier on my birthday. A quiet dinner with friends, a chill day with family or even hanging out by myself was plenty of enjoyment. The idea of going out and having friends spend a lot of money on drinks, and partying only so you couldn’t remember the evening the next day seem sort of, well … misplaced.

This year, I spent a very simple evening with some family playing the Wii. Got a gift or two, ate some cake, played video games and even blew out some candles.

For 2011, one of my resolution items is to get back into being a little more outgoing – a little more adventuring, as last year was my year of yanking myself out of the mix a little.

They say that when you blow out the candles that you shouldn’t reveal the wish or it won’t come true. Well, I think I’ll share my wish only because it’s been coming true for years.

“For a healthy, loving family that operates with good conscience.” As I celebrate my birthday today I say thank you to God for giving me air in my lungs to blow out those 37 candles.

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