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Good friends, Good laughter, Good food!

January marks our calendar as the first month of the year. A time for new promise – new hope … perhaps new beginnings.  A good friend of mine has a birthday a little more than a week after mine.  Since we became adults, it’s been a tradition of ours to go out and celebrate our born days over a tasty meal.

What makes this occasion a real treat is not the $40-50 plate; not the shared birthday; not the location; nor the fact that we can get away from the kids for an evening (though that helps).  Simply hanging out with friends and exchanging laughter is amusement enough.

I know that hanging out with friends over dinner is nothing new. Many people do it more regularly than me I’m sure.  Consider this blog nothing more than a reminder.  This year, make the time to enjoy a meal with your close ones.  Do you have parents that haven’t been out in a while? A couple that you know is going through something?  A sibling or neighbor that could use a good laugh?  Invite them out to dinner and let the good times roll.

This year, no matter the economy, no matter how busy you are, take the initiative to find some good eats with good friends.  Oh, and There’s Always Room for Dessert. LOL.


Lessons from Little Ones

I am one who appreciates “the teachable moment” – even when I’m the one getting the lesson.

This evening, I’m matching wills with my three-year old daughter. This sort of exchange is not   for the weak-minded.

So here’s the situation. It’s time for her to eat dinner, but she wants to do everything and        anything else. Instead of simply finishing her last few bites, she starts to find reasons to get out  of her seat. Once or twice in the middle of completing the task before her, she went into the  living room to get a few items, she went to the sink to put a bowl or cup away, she even pulled the “I have to go to the bathroom” stunt.

After charming her mom and me into letting her go “potty”. She decided to sit in the bathroom and wait. I guess she figured that as long as she was in her sanctuary, she need not return to finish her dinner.  She was right … sort of.

As any parent would reach their limitation for patience and reason, I reached mine. I told her to hurry up sternly so she can finish dinner and she responded,”I don’t love you anymore daddy.”

I paused.

I didn’t know what to say. How does a daddy respond to that?

“Well, get out of my house,” I said.  Her reaction – a deafening cry.

My 11 year old who just happened to walk in the kitchen during the exchange turned to me and while softly shaking her head imparts her wisdom. “You should have said well, I love you any way.”

Again, I had no answer. Other than the one I kept saying in my head. “She’s right.” :)

For the rest of the evening, before their bed time, I played with all three of my daughters even putting the young one on our front porch for a few seconds to stretch out the joke.

As I’m getting ready to travel to the Capital Book Festival in SC this Saturday, I’ll be taking my 11 year old wise one with me. I’m excited about the time we’ll spend together and the potential lessons she and I may exchange along the way.

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