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Sharpening in 2011

Getting Sharp in 2011

I learned something during the holidays – doing nothing is as addictive as any other bad habit.

I know all too well, the challenge and stress that come from juggling. From one perspective, it appears managing time, meeting competing deadlines and trying to be in two places at the same time can grate on you. It’s almost as if bits of you are being shaved off to eventually leave you with nothing.  That is the wrong perspective.

Don’t think of it as a grating effect. Rather think of it as a sharpening process. Like a pencil having the uneven, jagged and dull edges removed – sometime with a little pain, but all for our more sharpened, honed point.

In 2010, I made a mistake. I actually made many, but one that’s relevant to discuss in this blog. January of this year, I entered 2010 with the thought of protecting my time. Avoiding commitments, keeping my hand down when asked to volunteer and just comfortably getting things done in the background. I admit, it was a comfortable way to operate, but there’s a cost with that style of living. You lose part of your social skill set, your “urgency clock” becomes a little off and well, you get a little rusty

For 2011, I’m planning to fill my time with good sharpeners. Among my long to-do list, I’ll continue to pursue my Master’s, will find time to write and I plan to head back to the gym (was almost afraid to put that in writing). I know now that keeping mobile and agile helps keep you mobile and agile.

So while I’ll still work to protect my time and not overwhelm myself with responsibility in 2011, I’ll do so with a more strategic eye. I’ll ask myself what can be gained from taking on a new task, what can be lost if I don’t and ultimately will try to do those things that  offer more gain. The new year will be here in just a matter of hours. I now have my plan ready. Wishing you the best.


Don’t miss the mess

I spoke with a long time friend today – a very ambitious entrepreneur.  In fact, he’s so accomplished, in his 36 years of living, he’s yet to hold a full time job. In all of his adult life, he’s been about owning and building his own business. I on the other hand have held a few full time communications positions, have achieved success in my work and with my writing and continue to see areas of growth and opportunity – as does he.

We talked about our different paths and how much more in life we wanted to achieve.  Both of us complimented each other on our accomplishments and our drive to do more, but the interesting point of the conversation occured when we started to compare notes. We were talking about the thing that made us somewhat the same and we found out what it was – we isolated ourselves from mainstream mess.  Bot of us could not tell you who won artist of the year on the BET music awards, we don’t know what season or episode any of the popular reality TV series is in and we don’t listen to the radio – hardly ever. (Okay, I listen to christian or spiritual radio when taking my girls to school – but most of the time, I’m listening to a podcast on a particular work-related or goal-related topic, or I’m thinking about next steps in pursuit of my life goal.

Everyday should have some time carved out to fill up on something to help build you to the next level.  If you’re not careful, someone or something will take that time or you’ll give it up to add some nonsense or busy work to your life. Trust me, if you’re listening, watching, or working to or for someone else – its because they’ve taken the time to build themselves to the level whereby you are interested or locked into giving them your attention.

Is Atlanta Housewives really that interesting?  The next time you decide to give :30 minutes, an hour or a few minutes to that sitcom, reality show or song – explore whether or not you’re replacing that time with something that will one day help you get to the point where others are listening to what you have to say or watch what you’re doing.

Turn the TV off.  Think when you drive. Write up that goal and work towards it – even if its little by little.

Don’t miss the mess!

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